Under this group the Seller assumes all or most of the risk and takes responsibility of delivery at Destination up to the agreed point of delivery.
DAF - Delivered at Frontier - Seller responsible to deliver cargo upto the point of entry at Destination. Risk and responsibility further passes on to the Buyer.
DES - Delivered Ex Ship - Seller assumes risk until the ship with the cargo reaches the port of Destination. Then the risk shifts to Buyer from the point of discharge of vessel onwards.
DEQ - Delivered Ex. Quay Duty Paid - Seller takes responsibility until the cargo is delivered after import clearance at destination and customs duty paid and delivered to the point on buyers dock.
DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid - Seller takes responsibility to deliver cargo at the destination port where the Buyer takes on the responsibility for import clearance, Import duties and onward delivery.
DDP - Delivered Duty Paid - Seller takes responsibility until the cargo reaches destination, clears the customs, pays the duty and delivers cargo at Buyers dock.
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