New Zealand

GSP scheme of New Zealand

New Zealand's GSP scheme came into effect on January 1972 for an indefinite period.
New Zealand introduced ITS GSP scheme on 1st January, 1972.Since its implementation the scheme has been fully reviewed four times in 1976, 1984, 1986 and 1988. The latest review took place against the background of New Zealand over all movements towards zero tariffs items will be at zero or five percent duty.GSP preference will be minimal since for all those items the standard margin of preference will be zero or one percent. For remaining eleven percent of tariff lines the margin of preference will range between only one- three percent. The preferential tariff rates accord under the GSP are generally maintained at the duty free level for least develop countries or 80 percent of the MFN or normal level of the developing countries. New Zeeland didn’t impose any quantitative restriction on import under GSP scheme. The product coverage list is based on “negative list” concept which means all the goods are subject to preference unless specifically excluded. Pakistan is included in list of beneficiary under this GSP scheme.
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