Wholly Obtained

Wholly obtained or produced goods:

(1) Goods originating in a country shall be those wholly obtained or produced in that country.
(2) The expression `goods wholly obtained in a country` means:
(a) Mineral products extracted within that country;
(b) Vegetable products harvested therein;
(c) Live animals born and raised therein;
(d) Products derived from live animals raised therein;
(e) Products of hunting or fishing carried on therein;
(f) Products of sea-fishing and other products taken from the sea outside a country’s territorial sea by vessels registered or recorded in the country concerned and flying the flag of the country;
(g) goods obtained or produced on board factory ships from the products referred to in subparagraph (f) originating in that country, provided that such factory ships are registered or recorded in that country and fly its flag;
(h) Products taken from the seabed or subsoil beneath the seabed outside the territorial sea provided that that country has exclusive rights to exploit that seabed or subsoil;
(i) Waste and scrap products derived from manufacturing operations and used articles, if they were collected therein and are fit only for the recovery of raw materials;
(j) Goods which are produced therein exclusively from goods referred to in subparagraphs (a) to (i) or from their derivatives, at any stage of production.
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