Document Required for Claim

Documents required to claim DLTL

1. Print of EFE/E-Form invoice
2. Print of GD Form
3. Copy of Commercial invoice
4. Shipping documents (House BL /Master BL having notation /stamp shipped on board)
5. Or house AWB /Master AWB having flight date Truck Receipt / railway Receipt
6. Copy of Freight invoice
7. Copy insurance invoice
8. Copy of valid certificate from the association on prescribed format (Annexure IV)
9. Copy of Annexure ‘’A’’
10. The E-Form /Advance Payment has been reported in schedule A1/O1 or A2/O2 for the month of
11. BCA has been fed in WeBOC
12. Payment arrival swift reference Field 20 No.
13. The details of claim submitted has been emailed as per Annexure III along with Annexure II.
Note: Annexure shown in pdf attached file.
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