GSP Scheme of USA

The U.S. GSP came into effect on January 1976 for an indefinite period.
The United States GSP provides preferential duty-free entry for about 4,800 products imported into the country from 131 designated beneficiary countries and territories, including 44 least developed beneficiary developing countries (LDBDCs) so designated. It was instituted in 1 January 1976 by the Trade Act of 1974 and has been renewed periodically since then. Articles eligible for duty-free treatment are defined at the eight-digit level of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS). The products eligible for GSP treatment include most dutiable manufactures and semi-manufactures, as well as selected agricultural, fishery and primary industrial products that are not otherwise duty-free. Pakistan is beneficiary of this GSP scheme.
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